Your cats will be well looked after

We aim to make your cats stay as comfortable and exciting as possible

Whatever their needs

If they want our chair, we'll let them borrow it! Everything is hygienically cleaned between cats.

We have strict cleansing rules and each pen is treated alongside bedding, toys, mats and scratching posts.

Everything is hoovered, washed, disinfected; using a high grade solution; and dried. Pens are also sprayed with household flea spray at appropriate times. Each pen is inspected for any maintenance required.

Garden Maintenance

Whatever the weather

Snow, heatwaves, rain...we'll adapt the pens accordingly. No water will ever penetrate the cats living areas, regular maintenance is carried out all year when safe to do so. 

Garden restoration

We'd be pleased to accept any suggestions for your cats stay with us to make them more comfortable, so just let us know.

Beast from the East?

That was a test! At minus 10 outside, we applied an extra layer on the outside, keeping the temperature inside to around 10 to 15 degrees centigrade. Cosy.....

Lawn mowing

Nervous or unsociable cat?

Our very end pen, overlooks our small garden, awash with birds and other wildlife. We find this pen very useful as we can sit in the garden and talk to the cats (and they normally talk back!) especially those that are a little nervous or just want to be left alone.

Lawn care